Tents & Chairs

We supply tents and chairs amongst one of our funeral benefits

Catering & Coffins

  • Premium package
  • Budget package
  • Memorial Day

  • Tombstone
  • Repatriation
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    Although quality service, care and equipment is the priority, we do provide a cost effective alternative and always attempt to provide affordable prices throughout our range of services, with quality that is never compromised.

    Our clients don’t only get quick and convenient service when getting a funeral plan but we also provide them with quality funeral services because we understand the importance of a quality and dignified funeral service. With our many years of experience in the funeral industry, we understand our customers and their funeral insurance and service needs. Our commitment of pursuing excellence, comfort of the family, respect for the dead and to serve the dignity of mankind ensures that we deliver unbeatable funeral plans and funeral services.

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    Our business is built on acting on what families require.

    Tent & Chairs

    We supply tents and chairs amongst one of our funeral benefits

    Memorial Day

    Tombstone as well as rapatriation.

    Catering & Coffins

    We offer clients two different packages – Premium package and Budget Package - depending on your' requirements
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